The winter is a very specific season which is in need of a spectrum range op products. That’s where Winterproof steps in. All of the concepts, products and events are connected to the winter theme or takes place consciously inside.

Using that branch V-formation it is the ideal moment to start preparing your friends and colleagues for winter season. Make you choice and prepare yourself! Winter is coming!




Winterproof focusses on winter with the right products, concepts and events. Doing that they are able to respond to the growing demand druing winter times. Everything we offer on the website is completely self made or carefully selected in cooperation with our partners.

Winterproof is a combination of originality, niche marketing and partnerships, we find value in this through shared experiences and a professional service.



Winterproof specialises in 2 domains:

  • Teambuildings

  • Rentals

The teambuildings consist of new concepts which focus on the winter period. In renting we like to accentuate our fun products which are innovating and exciting to use during the winter. The events are the 3rd domain which we focus on concept on fixed locations or locations which can be transported.



Powered by V-Formation

V-formation has specialised itself for 12 years in renting out onflatable attractions which are unique and completely self-made, but also in organising events like teambuildings which create memories and generally organising original events which are sport-minded.

We mainly focus on the Belgian market, but are definitely not afraid of internationalisation. With V-formation everything revolves around movement and amusement with a proper organisation an everything in function of the client.

V-formation, ‘your professional fun provider’


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