Archery Tag EN

Teambuilding | Archery Tag. Kies jouw team mates en ga de strijd aan. Speel verschillende games. Wordt geleverd met opblaasbare obstakels.


Archery Tag


Time for battle!

Archery Tag is an exciting teambuilding focussing on tactics, teamwork & precision. After shooting practise it’s time for the real deal.

Archery tag is always delivered with inflatable obstacles which can be used as defense.

Build your own forts, keep safe or use them to go in full)attack mode.

Safety first of course, when playing Archery Tag it is obligated to wear a paintballmask (included)



  • Duration: 2h - 4h

  • Participants: 6 - 100

  • Price: on demand

  • Location: of you own choice

  • Indoor/outdoor

  • Physicality: 20% > 70%

  • Optional: Catering - video/drone/photo - teamcoach



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