Defuse the bomb EN

Teambuilding | Defuse The Bomb. Er zijn bomkoffers actief! Los samen breinkrakers en puzzels op voor de tijd om is.

Defuse the bomb

The Bomb


Tik tok tik tok

We have found some active bombs! Solve the brain twisters and puzzles before it’s too late! You can use the solutions to find the right combinations and actions to defuse the bomb.

A very exciting game which requires lots of teamwork and concentration.



  • Duration: 1h - 4h

  • Participants: 1 - 8 (per bomb)

  • Price: on demand

  • Location: of you own choice

  • Indoor/outdoor

  • Physicality: 20% > 50%

  • Optional: Catering - video/drone/photo - teamcoach


Defuse the bomb

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