Light Hunter EN

Teambuilding | Light Hunter. Test de reactiesnelheid van jou en je team! Steel de lichten van je tegenstanders of verzamel zoveel mogelijk lichten voor jouw team.

Light Hunter

Light Hunter


Lightning fast!

Test the reaction speed of you and your team! Steal lights of your opponents or collect as much lights as possible for your own team. A game where speed en concentration are key.

A combination of tactics, overview and a reaction speed as quick as a bat. You can choose out of a wide variety of games.



  • Duration: 2h - 4h

  • Participants: 2 - 50

  • Price: on demand

  • Location: of you own choice

  • Indoor/outdoor

  • Physicality: 20% > 70%

  • Optional: Catering - video/drone/photo - teamcoach


Light Hunter

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